Key Things to Know Before Investing in $Crypto


If you're considering investing in a project, don't rely on hearsay; instead, research the project and examine Coingecko data first.

1. What is its rank there?

2. What is the maximum supply? (Crucial)

3. What is the circulating supply? (Crucial)

4. What is the significance of the project?

5. If the maximum supply is unlimited, it could be problematic.

6. Eight signs of a flop indicate an unlimited supply.

Some coins have a max supply of 10 billion with a circulating supply of 200 million. This is crucial because, no matter how important the project is, a token or coin can only rise so far or stay in place. It may not provide long-term gains.

Some projects have an unlimited supply but still thrive, depending on how much the team releases into the market. For instance, XRP has remained stagnant for years due to its low circulating supply and high max supply. However, tokens with a narrow gap between circulating and max supply don't necessarily skyrocket; the project's significance in the market matters.

You can discover important and new projects a bit further back. Extensive research is essential; you can invest in projects that are cheap and significant in the market. Don't pay attention to inflated news, especially what you hear from others.

Google the project's name and search "what is" to find more. Look at complete statistics on Coingecko. Definitely research the project's progress.

XRP is limited but half is in the market.

Doge has an unlimited supply.

Eth has a limited supply.

Avax is limited.

Sol has an unlimited supply.

Celo has a limited supply.

Egld has a limited supply.

Bnb is limited and the supply is burning.

Sand has a limited supply.

Cake has a limited supply.

Theta has a limited supply.

Some significant projects can lose importance over time.

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